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Wildflowers of Cork City and County

A new and exciting book on the “Wildflowers of Cork City and County” by Tony O Mahony, has been published by Collins Press. Tony is a well renowned expert in the field of botany having collated botanical data and published articles on the subject since 1973. He has been awarded an honorary Master of Science Degree from UCC in recognition of his many contributions to Irish Botanical studies

This book is a stimulating and contemporary account of the flora and habitats of Ireland’s largest county. A handsome mix of spectacular photography and fascinating facts, “Wildflowers of Cork City and County” provides a wealth of botanical data for both the professional botanist and enthusiastic amateur alike.

Funded by Cork City Council, Cork County Council and the Heritage Council, this book is an action from the Cork City and the Cork County Heritage Plans.

This work is comprehensive and enjoyable, and is an enduring contribution to the understanding of Cork’s plants and wildflowers.

The book “Wildflowers of Cork City and County” is available for purchase from bookshops throughout the country.

Wildflowers of Cork City and County