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Heritage Publications and Leaflets

Cork City Council has produced various publications and books on different aspects of the Heritage of Cork City. These include:

Historic Plaques and Signs

Record of Protected Structures

A Guide to Historic Ironwork in Cork City

A Guide to Biodiversity in Cork City

Wildflowers of Cork City and County

In addition there have been a number of publications highlighting the Archaeology and Built Heritage of the City. A further series of Heritage related publications are planned over the lifetime of the Heritage Plan.

All of these publications except the book “Wildflowers of Cork City and County” are free of charge (numbers limited) and are available from the Heritage Officer, Cork City Council, City Hall, Cork City. Tel: 021 4924757, Fax: 021 4924712. or Email: Copies of “Wildflowers of Cork City and County” are available for purchase from bookshops throughout the country.