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Cork City Biodiversity Plan

Biodiversity means the variety of life on earth.  It includes all living plants and animals whether rare or common as well as habitats, genetic variation and ecosystems.

Cork City Council has prepared the first ever Biodiversity Action Plan for Cork City.  This is a five year plan which outlines the wealth of nature and wildlife that exists in Cork City and sets out a series of actions to raise awareness and help to protect and enhance Cork City’s natural heritage.

Biodiversity Action Plan

Aims and Objectives
The aim of the Draft Cork City Biodiversity Action Plan is:

“To promote the appreciation and enjoyment of Cork City’s biodiversity amongst the people of the city and to identify, understand and conserve the biodiversity of the city for future generations”

The plan contains the following four objectives

  1. To identify measures to protect and enhance the biodiversity of Cork City
  2. To research and disseminate information on the biodiversity of Cork City
  3. To promote interest and knowledge of Cork City’s biodiversity through training and education
  4. To raise awareness and enjoyment of Cork City’s biodiversity and encourage participation and partnership amongst all.

The plan contains 28 actions which is hoped will address these aims and objectives.

Preparation of the Plan
A consultant, Lesley Lewis, was commissioned by the Heritage Council in association with the Cork City Council to prepare the Plan. The development of the plan was overseen by the Biodiversity Working Group which consisted of representatives from local government, government departments and agencies, academic institutions, environmental non-government organisations, local development organizations and local interest groups. Public consultation was also an important part of developing the Cork City Biodiversity Plan.

Common themes and issues were identified arising from the public submissions and the inputs from the Biodiversity Working Group. Consideration was also given to the National Biodiversity Plan, The City Development Plan (2004-2009), the Cork City Heritage Plan (2007-2012) and other relevant local and national policies and legislation. As a result a number of actions were identified. These actions form the core of this Plan and will be implemented over the life of this Biodiversity Plan (2009 – 2014).  A number of Biodiversity Plan Projects are currently underway

Copies of the Plan can be viewed or purchased at the Planning Desk of Cork City Council, and are available in the local libraries. 

Copies can also be downloaded here:

Cork City Biodiversity Action Plan 2009-2014

Gníomhaíochta Bithéagsúlachta Chathair Chorcaí 2009-2014

For further details on the Cork City Biodiversity Plan please email the Heritage Officer at or Tel 021 4924757.