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Cork City Heritage Plan

Heritage is not solely about the past. In our rapidly changing world Heritage is also continually evolving and being created. We are creating the Heritage of the future while trying to understand and enhance what we have inherited from the past.

Download the plan in pdf format:

Cork City Heritage Plan 2007 - 2012

Plean Oidhreachta Chathair Chorcaí 2007 - 2012

Cork City Heritage Plan

It is important to balance the need for change with the desire for protection of our Heritage. Managing our Heritage in a sustainable manner is key to the challenge of supporting the development of Cork City particularly in relation to its attractiveness and competitiveness while still improving the care of our Heritage.

The development and implementation of a Cork City Heritage Plan is a key part of achieving this balance. A Heritage Plan can also enhance the quality of life for the people of Cork City by improving and protecting what they cherish in their own City. This is turn can benefit the city greatly by improving the quality of life of its citizens, supporting the local economy through tourism and by adding to the general perception that Cork City is a good place to live, work, visit, learn and do business.

Aims and Objectives of the Plan

The Aim of the Cork City Heritage Plan is “To Secure the Heritage of Cork City, to enrich the lives of its people and to ensure that the care of our Heritage; past, present and future is at the heart of the development of the City.”

The Cork City Heritage Forum identified 4 objectives or themes as important areas on which to focus during the lifetime of the plan. These are:

  • “To protect and enhance the natural, cultural and built Heritage of Cork City”.
  • “To promote awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of the Heritage of Cork City.”
  • “To promote interest and knowledge in Heritage through education and training.”
  • “To collect and research Information on the Heritage of Cork City”.

The Plan contains 47 actions which is hoped will address these aims and objectives. These are listed under the section Heritage Plan Projects

The Preparation of the Plan

The production of the Cork City Heritage Plan is a first for the city. A partnership approach was adopted throughout its development. The Heritage Plan is very much for all the people of the City and is underpinned by the principle of shared responsibility for our Heritage.

Cork City Council established a Heritage Forum to guide the preparation and implementation of the Heritage Plan. The Heritage Forum consists of representatives from Local Government, Government Departments and agencies, community and voluntary groups, local history groups, local development organisations and the business community. This is the first time that all these different agencies and organisations have come together to develop a plan of action for Heritage in the city and as such it reflects the partnership approach adopted to developing the Plan.

Street Artist on Patrick Street

Street Artist on Patrick Street

The Forum established three Working Groups consisting of Forum members and invited relevant experts to make recommendations to the Forum. These Working Groups covered the topics Built Heritage and Archaeology, Natural Heritage and Biodiversity, and Cultural Heritage.

Public consultation is a very important part of the process of developing the Cork City Heritage Plan. Therefore organisations and individuals were invited to make submissions and express their views and opinions on what they felt were the key Heritage issues in the city and what they would like to see in the Heritage Plan. There were two rounds of public consultation, one in April and another in November 2006. This generated 142 submissions in total.

Common themes and issues were identified arising from the public submissions and the inputs from the Forum and the expert Working Groups. Consideration was also given to the National Heritage Plan, The City Development Plan and other relevant local and national policies and legislation. As a result a number of actions were identified. These actions form the core of this Plan and will be implemented over the life of this Heritage Plan (2007 – 2012).

The Heritage Plan was officially launched on the 27th of November 2007 by the Lord Mayor Cllr. Donal Counihan. The Manager of Cork City Council and Maurice Hurley a representative from the Heritage Council, were also present.

A number of Heritage Plan Projects are currently underway.